History of Roasters.space

Oily Beans

The domain name roasters.space was obtained after another ridiculous startup shutdown and abandoning of the registered name. Those people claimed they were going to roast the coffee beans while a specially designed capsule was going thought the atmosphere from the space.

It was another website with nice-looking people, and they made a movie where "organic" and "handpicked with love" coffee beans start their travel on Boeing 747. Then the coffee beans are launched into space. I've no idea what rocket was in that movie because I'm not interested in overpriced western missiles at all.

After the useful payload reaches the space, the capsule with that "handpicked with love" coffee beans heads back to Earth. Of course, the capsule is patented, and it will roast the coffee beans to perfection in zero gravity.

Please don't ask the staff in the Patent Office about that capsule. The rosters from planet Earth will also not tolerate the statement about temperature control in free fall from space.

After the capsule lands on water, it brings "you" the first cup of coffee from space. The final scene of the movie shows a nerd in a spacesuit sitting in the coffee shop.

After all, that ridiculous project spends enough recourses on the promotion. Many thanks! I am going to use this domain for my coffee projects on Earth, and I have no relationship with those guys at all.

Take care and stay away from kickstarts :)

Dan Tamayo

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