Writing a log is important for home roasting hobbyists – in this way we can correct the mistakes made in the previous roast and learn on them. What if you’ll accidentally discover a recipe for the perfect cup? Everything will be documented.

Some dive deep into the process with installing a thermocouple and using a special software. However, many prefer to rely on their instincts and don’t want to go into the science at all.

This tool will help you track the roasting process more accurately. We recommend using it from your phone and make screenshots in the end of each roast.

Coffee Roasting Timer ⏱️

First Crack:


*Development is the time from the beginning of the first crack to the end of the roast (not counting cooling). Most light and medium specialty coffee roasts come with 20-25% development ratio.

How to use this tool

  1. Weight the green beans and write their name in the column
  2. Preheat your roaster to 350-400°F
  3. Pour the green beans inside and press “Start” button
  4. Now the beans must go through the drying phase up to first crack
  5. When you hear more than one or two isolated cracks, press “First Crack” button
  6. Development percentage is automatically calculated so you can plan ahead
  7. Depending on your chosen roast profile, you may want to stop your process or continue it up to the second crack
  8. Press the “Stop” button right before dropping the beans
  9. Cool the beans down and weight them one more time. Calculate the moisture loss with “Weight Loss” button
  10. Make a screenshot or write the info in your roasting log.
  11. Now you have all the data about your roasted batch. Have a nice cup!

Useful tips

  • Everything needs to be tested in your environment and your particular roaster – don’t be scared to improvise.

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